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Do you know that there is a good chance that 90% of people reading this are the richest top 10% people in the world? I know that almost everyone on my Facebook friends list are. I personally know quite a lot of people, in fact, hundreds of people that are the top richest 10% people in the world! (Check your percentage using a richness calculator. I’m the top 6.7% richest!)

Don’t get me wrong this message is not a guilt trip. This post is for Christians and I don’t expect non-Christians to completely understand this message. This Facebook post was written a few days back and it cuts to the heart how disgustingly rich we are and how badly I have stewarded riches given to me to look after while I’m here. I’ve asked Keiyeng for permission to re-post this as a blog. So hear goes… I pray that it speaks to you as it did me.


Dear wealthy (especially Chinese) Christian friends who are high-income earners or own their own businesses, are entrepreneurs or investors,

What are you doing or planning to do with all your income that exceeds what you need to live on? Do / did you once have Kingdom-focused plans for it that have fallen by the wayside? Are you building barns to store your ‘crops’ in that may be destroyed by fire? Are you storing it up for your children and grand-children who may or may not use it for God’s saving and redeeming work in His world?

I just read this in an email from Kimberly L Smith (Author), President of Make Way Partners who care for unadoptable orphans in war-ravaged South Sudan.

“[Romano, a national team leader for MWP, came across] a story of a woman accused of killing her husband. He said she was in prison, waiting execution and her children needed help. I [Romano] went to the prison, hoping to get more information and see if we could help in any way. When I told them who I was, they took me directly to the woman’s cell. I am a South Sudanese, and I have been working with Make Way Partners for the most vulnerable orphans for many years now, but even I was surprised by what I found.

“The woman was shackled to the floor, and her three children (nine months, three, and four-years-old) were all bound with her. She is to be executed any day, and there is no one to take her children. They will die with her. I know our orphanage is very full, but I am calling to ask if we can take in these three children.”

“Dear Jesus!” I [Kimberly] thought. “How do you stand this day in and day out, year after year? Please fill us with the hope to press on and find Your mercy for all.”

Of course, we accepted the children. Now, all three, one girl, Monday, and her two brothers are in our Complete Care ministry at Hope for South Sudan.

Monday is three years old, and we have discovered she is very sick. Her rectum turns out on itself anytime she tries to defecate, and it remains outside her body for long periods of time. We will probably need to medevac her to Kenya or Uganda for surgery, as we do all our seriously ill children.”

Kimberly was emailing to ask (along with new sponsors for the 3 children) for donations towards the hospital that MWP is seeking to build in South Sudan, so that costs of hospital treatment can be reduced in the long term and recovery rates can be lifted.

At times like this I wish Steve and I were finance-savvy heavy-weight investors who could pledge tens of thousands of dollars in one hit. As it is, God has blessed us through my parents’ financial shrewdness and our church’s provision such that we don’t have a mortgage, and seeking to live simply, have significant disposable income we can make available. What a privilege! But I wish it were more!

So I’m posting on Facebook instead and making a prayer-backed plea to all our wealthy brothers and sisters; writing a long post most people won’t read but I pray the ‘right’ person/people will – not necessarily for the sake of the orphaned children of South Sudan because there are so very many dire needs around the world, but for the sake of Jesus and his Kingdom – which doesn’t need money to survive, supernatural that it is, but which we are commanded to steward God’s money towards, because for the moment it is deliberately ‘confined’ in a world in which the way we use money demonstrates whose Kingdom we most love and serve.

My hope is to act as a mobiliser, information-giver, and catalyst, that when we rich Christians of the west stand before Jesus in heaven, we’ll rejoice over the way God’s money through us saved and honoured people way beyond ourselves, our ‘small’ ambitions, and our temporary pleasures.

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