Ian and Larissa’s Story

Core Decay

I’ve not done a book review before in a blog. But the more I read this book the more I’m compelled to write this down so I don’t lose this memory of how beautiful this story is and how it has so personally touched my heart.

I’ve watched their video 5 times so far. And I’m sure it won’t be the last time. Can’t stop tearing when I see the beauty of God’s glory displayed through them. The book writes of raw emotions and the struggles they went through and the faithfulness that prevailed. It sums up our messy lives. There’s no sugar coating. There’s just real pain and through pain, God’s glory shined through. Ian and Larissa is such a shining beacon and reminder of the hope we have in Christ! God had to use Ian’s accident to touch the world. This is the profound mystery of God’s sovereignty that many struggle to grasp.

This book and their story touched my heart in a way that changes it. It is rare that a book I read not only enriches my intellect but pulls my heart towards godliness. It is rare that a book pushes my knowledge of God and draws me towards Him so physically. This book did that for me.

Praying for them. And I encourage anyone going through suffering or simply in a relationship and wondering how a Christ-centred marriage should look like to read this book.

Here’s their video too:

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